Samobor-based Frelimo becomes Dr.PIGLEY

Samobor-based Frelimo becomes Dr.PIGLEY

Customers in Croatia, Germany, Sweden, and the UK, to name just some of the markets, love the new brand and modern packaging developed by the experienced creatives at Studio Conex

Owing to a growing number of countries it is being exported to, the already globally popular product from Samobor, Frelimo Cracklings, have been given a whole new look and an international name – Dr.PIGLEY. With the new brand and improved packaging, the successful manufacturer of the top-quality, locally-sourced cracklings and healthy lard will be working hard in its Samobor-based facility to attract and win over even more customers across the UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and many other international markets.

“Our export-driven revenues are getting higher every year and, together with our partners, we have come to an understanding that we already have a good-quality product, but that we require a recognizable market presence to advance further in both Croatian and international markets. Moreover, we wish to clearly distance ourselves from our competition. Our new communication strategy was developed in cooperation with professionals at Studio Conex, who quickly recognized our needs and did an amazing job. Judging by the initial reactions from our customers and business partners, the new Dr.PIGLEY brand and our better-quality packaging will meet the expectations in the markets where we already operate and even win over some new ones. Our quite demanding customers, both Croatian and international ones, have gotten used to the quality of the Samobor cracklings, which will keep the fine aromas, crispness and freshness even longer in their new packaging,” said Miroslav Mataušić, founder and general manager at Fortuna Food.

Fortuna Food and the Dr.PIGLEY brand are the successors of the Frelimo craft business, which had been successfully manufacturing lard and cracklings for 19 years. Their modern facility, highest health standards, and closely guarded family recipes guarantee the quality of their products, which are increasingly in demand outside Croatia.

“We have enjoyed developing the new communication strategy and Dr.PIGLEY brand. This is an exceptionally good product that will win you over at first bite, and we have known since the very beginning that we would be part of a remarkable international success story. Dr.PIGLEY cracklings are a natural product made by hand to a traditional recipe and they differ greatly from the other manufacturers’ industrial products. Both we and the people at the helm of Fortuna Food have much work ahead of us as far as the international markets are concerned; however, I am confident that Dr.PIGLEY is on a long and successful journey around the world,” added Boris Lešić, general manager at Studio Conex.

Fortuna Food has already won many awards and recognitions for the quality of its cracklings and packaging innovation, and everyone involved in the Dr.PIGLEY project believes there will be even more of them in the coming future. Anyone can tell you that snacks are children’s (and even some adults’) favorite meal.